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Website Design

Streamliners website design

Streamliners, Inc

The homepage features a slideshow of services with a clickable menu system to provide users with a comprehensive overview directly on the front page.

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Borghis website design

Borghi's Restaurant

The website features a slick menu that slides in and out with user interaction, providing the entire menu on one page without overcrowding.

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Guide to Film Photography design

Guide to Film Photography

A website I originally designed and search engine optimized. The website appears in the top Google ranks for many film photography keywords. It is currently powered by Wordpress and a theme that has been slighly modified for some customization.

About Me

My name is Andrew Ortwein, and I took this photo.

I am a photographer.

When I first began photographing I would find myself driving to random locations to photograph anything that caught my eye. While I still enjoy doing this, the vast majority of my photographic work now explores crafted narrative scenes, often mixing human drama and comedic relief.

My narrative work began with a series of self portraits that arose from the desire to attempt portraiture but, due to varied schedules, I was unable to find many subjects to photograph. As a result, I simply decided to jump in front of the camera myself thinking that I would always be around when I needed someone to photograph. These self portraits led to a series that combined two photographs, taken in succession, that when printed in the darkroom together gave the impression that I was literally having a conversation with myself.

Out of the desire to get behind the camera again I starting searching for another source of portrait subjects. After seeing some action figures lying around in the basement I decided to try photographing a few toys and attempted to make them look as realistic as possible. The realism that I believed existed in those toys as a child came back to life in a brand new way and I had found my new subjects. My toy collection continues to grow, and as a result, my photography portfolio continues to grow as well.

I am a web designer.

I create professional, affordable website designs using HTML and CSS languages. Additionally, with knowledge in search engine optimization, all websites I create are built with an optimized platform in mind. Furthermore, I can build your website using Wordpress (or another similar content management system) and help tweak a selected theme to provide some level of customization.